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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen (we do have a few and men are welcome!)

We are soon approaching the official holiday season and it is once again time to reflect about what is really important, evaluate our priorities and really be thankful for what God has done and not so focused on those things that we desire. Let's make a commitment to really do what the bible "make our requests known....with thanksgiving...."

Has a spirit of thanksgiving been a part of your requests? Even though we all are going through so many things and there is so much that we could complain about but have we taken the time to really thank God for what he has done, all the blessings, favor, protection that he has provided....Do you take time, no matter what you are going offer up a prayer that thanks God for his goodness, gives him glory, and lets him know that you appreciate his love, mercy, favor, and grace that he has bestowed on not just you, but your family, your church, community, city, and this nation?

For the next couple of weeks on Naomis Corner we are going to be talking about LOVE. I know it seems like a simple subject and I have found that the deep ones often do not find this subject matter to be spiritually stimulating for them ( you know the ones that have to know the "mysteries" of God). One of the greatest mysteries for me is how people who name the name of Jesus can understand the prophetic, apostolic, the torah, greek, hebrew, and end time prophecy and not operate in love, the very essence of God, his word and his purpose!

I want you to join "THE LOVE REVOLUTION", the remnant of people who have made a decision to make a radical, swift, and sudden change toward agape love, that will not fail, that will remove burdens, break yolks, and one by one, person by person make a difference in this world and be known by what we are supposed to be known by....not our wealth, not our buildings, not our giftings, not our talents, not our megachurches....but BY OUR LOVE...

Joyce Meyer's new book, "THE LOVE REVOLUTION" is on sale now at several stores near you....IIt is a life changing, conscience shaking book, a call to action to the body of Christ to wake up and remember what we are supposed to reflect: GOD....WHO IS LOVE! I want all of you to get this book and we are going to discuss it, we are going to live it, but also I will be doing some blogs on real love, setting boundaries, self love, and many other topics that relate to having a balance of love, life, and living a love filled life on purpose.

I want to hear from you...let's share our stories...let's make a commitment everyday to go out of our way to do small acts of kindness...they don't have to involve money but it can be little things like buying someone else's cup of coffee, offering a kind word of encouragement, stopping to listen to someone that nobody else is paying attention to, spending some time with some people who are lonely and forgotton, rendering service for someone in need.....whatever it is that God leads you to can do it right in the middle of your daily routine...there are people all around you.....start looking around for someone to love!

Start today....let's share our experiences...I guarantee you that your life will take on another dimension of joy, peace, and happiness. Many of us are miserable because we are too selfish and we are not helping others! I dare you, no matter how bad it is, how much is going wrong, take some time out and bless someone and see how your spirit begins to soar!

Come on...time to get LOVE IN ACTION....let's start the revolution....NOW!

In His Love,

Elect Lady Darlyn C. Turner

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