". . . . . Im DETERMINED. And no matter what Im STILL going to seek the face of God. NAOMI. . . . .. WHERE ARE YOU?? God I trust you enough to let me know even if I truly have to wait. . . .(patiently]. I have Decided to be PREoccupied, DETERMINED and Willing."

Does this sound like you? Seeking for Naomi??

Some of you have given up because it seemed like she was NO WHERE to be found, but Did you trust God!? Did you really wait Patiently!? Were you determined to find her?

This is where we messed up, We got all caught up in the moment of "Finding Naomi" that it became a Cliche and not an actual task. We fell off, I am a TRUE believer of Finding your Naomi in this Hour because it's Necessary. Back in April Sis Darlyn posted a blog called FINDING YOUR NAOMI IS CRITICAL IN THIS HOUR! Awesome Blog, In reading it again It blessed me, even the more so, for the simple reason When I read it back when she FIRST posted it, I was reading to Believe, now when I read it I was reading it by experience. . . . Its sooo very true what she said. . . and I'm about to share my testimony about how important it is to find your Naomi in this hour. . . . otherwise your womb WILL be barren. Im a true believer of that because I lived it. . . . . .

You also have to be careful ladies that you don't get SO caught up, that you start following ANYBODY!! You want to find Naomi to be someone who is living by these principles....people who really have served their leaders and not JUST themselves, someone who obeys and not just sacrifice...... and who is FRUITFUL, someone who is a TRUE woman of God, Someone who Values themselves and you, Don't settle for someone who only TOLERATES you. When you find Naomi, You are NOT just finding someone to TELL all of your PROBLEMS too for them to FIX or HELP You "Daily" You did see me Quote DAILY!! Not saying you cannot go to her about issues at all but when it becomes DAILY you are leaning to HER instead of God. Finding Naomi is not a Game of TAG, When you find her you are to develop a relationship and a commitment something like " RUTH 1:16 . . . . But Ruth answered, "Don't force me to leave you. Don't make me turn back from following you. Wherever you go, I will go, and wherever you stay, I will stay. Your people will be my people, and your God will be my God." Ruth Not only followed Naomi but took care of her. so Its a TWO WAY STREET, Naomi is to help you, Mentor you but YOU also have a JOB. I think thats where we mess up. WE'RE NOT WILLING TO take care of Naomi because it will interfere with our LIVES. . . . . . hmmmm. We have to STOP being so Selfish and start being SelfLESS.

Do you understand how IMPORTANT this information is? Im sure Your Naomi would want you to understand how much of a Commitment it is to follow her, SHE KNOWS but do YOU know.


I am very skilled in the area of business thank God, and some day I would like to own my OWN business, even though I am young. Anyway there were PLENTY of people who would prophesy and lay hands and tell me ALL the time, GET YOUR BUSINESS STARTED NOW, Get your name, and business plans, Prices, etc. . . . . . . . She said to me " Next time I see you I want to hear the name of your business," Determined I was I believed every word and just KNEW I could do it, I could start my business :)

After that day of my life If you paid me 10 MILLION dollars I STILL would not have been able to get all of that information she told me to get, It sounds unbelievable but ITS TRUE, I would sit in front of paper for HOURS a day trying to even get a Price for my business, I knew what I wanted to do but I couldn't even narrow it down. . . . . . . it became a STRUGGLE, a month went by, and every-time I saw her, she would ask, and I could never give her a name even if I tried. 2 months and so on. . . . It just wouldn't come. I would CRY AND CRY to God, "I know you put this business in my heart WHY am I not able to JUST get a name??" It was almost heart wrecking. . . . . I haven't seen that lady in Months to the point we don't even speak anymore. . . . . Months and MONTHS had went by and I was still struggling asking and Crying to God for help. . . . .

Then, around the middle of the year, I came in contact with Another lady, After knowing her and communing with her, I seen her to be a TRUE Woman of God, She has Served under HER leaders for many years, She's Fruitful and someone who Values herself and Her time. After a while I knew she could be Naomi, I made it my business a few months later to tell her about my business idea to see what she would say about it and Honest to God, She took my idea and made it better, I don't think she thought anything of it when she was talking to me yet after she was done talking she went back to doing whatever she was doing and then A MILLION things began RUSHING into my head and I began to write, and write and WRITE! In the matter of 15 minutes I had "4" Pages Front and Back, a mixture of my business plan, Prices, A Summary and EVEN A NAME! I was able to PRODUCE My Spiritual Womb was no longer BARREN, That day was the best day ever, I didn't just ONLY get my business plan together IN ORDER BUT GOD CONFIRMED WHO MY NAOMI WAS for the simple reason, The first time I was NOT able to produce because ONLY and I say ONLY women of God can the LORD open your womb, Now wait, The enemy can open your womb, and you may be able to produce but in the words of a WONDERFUL Pastor I know and Im sure everybody would want to know " WHO'S THE BABY'S FATHER?" That thing that you produce or bring forth WHAT Spirit is behind that and WHO'S the Father of that thing??


So Ladies that business, that Ministry, That Marriage that you have on the inside of you will ONLLY be produced when you come in contact with NAOMI, You see, When Ruth took care of NAOMI, GOD took care of her, RUTH GOT MARRIED INSTANTLY!!!! Single LADIESSSS!!?? WHERE IS YOUR NAOMI!!?? lol.

As I stated before this Task has become a CLICHE to some of you, Ask God for forgiveness and MOVE ON. "Ruth, you HAVE to find your Naomi, you HAVE to serve your Naomi, you have to be incovenienced for a season if you want GOD to open your womb...."


( Anything Highlighted You may click, It will lead you to other Blogs that connect to mine )

Be BLESSED, God Loves you and I do too!!!

lol Sister Darlyn said " just check your a spiritual pap will be clear!... "

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Okay! I will re-up and continue to search with my Spirit! Thanks for the boost anna!


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