WOW ladies! There has been so much discussion about this topic....I know there will be at least another part to The Law of Relationships. God has really given me so much about relationships I am putting in a book but right now let's go on to Right Relationships:

Firstly, know there are people who are in your life for one of these three purposes:

REASON (specifically to accomplish something then it's over) Like Ananias (Read Acts 9) who God gave in a vision to Saul (Paul) a man named Ananias to go to him. Ananias was responsible for removing blindness from the eyes of Paul, but outside those few days of fellowship, there is not indication that the relationship went any further, and we know what Paul went on to accomplish. A reason does not count as a season because of the length of time of necessity of the relationship and/or the fact that the relationship is strictly for the reason being accomplished not necessarily any "personaL" interaction.

LESSON LEARNED: JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE REMOVES THE SCALES FROM YOUR EYES DOES NOT ALWAYS MEAN YOU ARE CALLED TO SUBMIT TO THEM! Yeah you saw them in a vision, yeah you connected with them right away, yeah they caused some areas of blindness in your life to be removed.....but that does not mean that God has ordained them for other than the purpose that they accomplished in your life....

SEASON: These are the people who are called into your life for a SEASON, or a period of time to accomplish a purpose, but often over time, because of purpose, and not necessarily a bad thing, just because you may be going in two different directions (directions even ordered by God) there comes a time of separation.

Moses was ordained and assigned to PHAROAH"S DAUGHTER for a SEASON (forty years to be exact). GOD ordained for him to be sent down the river, and then scooped up by Pharoah's daughter where he would be given the best of education, having the best of privileges, but most of all well acquainted with the tools and tactics of the enemies of Isreal.....

Can you imagined how Samuel felt about Saul? Samuel anointed Saul. God is the one who told Samuel to annoint Saul...but then there came a time because of Saul's disobedience and lack of integrity that Samuel had to annoint another king instead of Saul, and the bible says Samuel never saw Saul other words HE CUT OFF HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH SAUL!.....



LIFETIME...These are your covenant people.....those who God has ordained for the long haul....Mary was a covenant connection for Jesus from birth until his death....God placed her in Jesus' life for a lifetime....Mordacai was a covenant relationship for Esther, as was Naomi for Ruth.....Covenant people have many reasons, and many seasons to encourage you, uplift you, even rebuke you and correct you.

LESSON LEARNED: Covenant people are the ONLY people ordained for a lifetime.

SO, people are in your life for a season, for a reason, and for a lifetime....and if you mix up the people who were only for a reason and you make them try to be for a lifetime, you will mess yourself up and them...

So, the first thing about right relationships is knowing the purpose of the relationship....many of you have heard Apostle Turner say "On the road to your manifested destiny------MAKE NO PERMANENT FRIENDS!!!!!"

Why? Because in all honesty, all of us have had friends and people in our lives that WE THOUGHT WERE FOR A LIFETIME AND THEY WERE NOT! Let me save you some time and headaches ......(MOST PEOPLE ARE NOT FOR A LIFETIME....)

Now, don't be discouraged about this because it is not all bad! God does ordain for you to go in different directions and sometimes split up for the development of both parties, so you won't be more dependant on the person you look up to more than him, and for countless other reasons....and because they are no long in "relationship" with you does not mean you don't speak to them or be cordial or that you have to have contention....I am talking about having real relationship, exchange, and expectations on your part and the part of the other as a basis for relationship..... this is where some of you are going to get your feelings hurt...some of you were never really in relationship because you were the only one exchanging, feeling a need to meet expectations for the relationship, etc.....and the other person was never doing the same for you....(HINT HINT) if that person has never had a true relationship with you, do you really beleive that is one that God has ordained? ONe that you do all the giving? OR that you do all the sacrificing? I am not talking about having to do that for a season...that happens in all relationships...but something is wrong if season after season after season....there is no sensitivity on their part to meet your expectations of relationship? THAT IS NOT A GOD ORDAINED...RIGHT RELATIONSHIP....

I hope this helps many of you to have the courage to respect yourself enough to not tolerate toxic relationships.....

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This was very helpful. I have always been a person to walk alone, and I can pen point times in my life where I have had one good friend at a time here and there, but they've never remained around. I have a underlining fear when I do get in relationships with people (and I realized this lately) that they aren't gonna be there long, a few years and that's it. I had a really close friend and I can feel the same thing starting to happen and I never thought it would. For a long time I thought something was wrong with me ( and still question). Why my friendships never last and none of them really end on bad notes or out of anger or anything they just gradually are gone and then I am by myself until someone else comes along after awhile. So I wonder will I ever have anyone in my life for the long haul or like you said a Covenant relationship with people. Just what you have said is good, I can ask God right away how I should handle the relationship and what is the person there for...Thank you First Lady this was a blessing
JJJJEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSS!!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . Im speechless lol. Im printing this out lol; I need this.



I didn't think of it this way, I mean in the matter of 3 minutes I gained Knowledge I believe beyond my years. I applied this to my relationships I literally scanned through them all while reading. It's scary how I think of something and when I come to check out Naomis Corner, the Answer is there. . . . right there . . . . God used you Woman of GOD!! Because I needed some questions answered asking God to confirm and there they are. . . . . ALL OF THEM.

Im in Tears but it's a good thing. . . . . it's almost like a release. After Saturday I knew I had the strength to deal with my relationships. People are always like "Some things just don't happen over night" probably true, I feel like YES I DID GET MINE on Saturday but reading this blog today just put the Icing on the cake. I got cut reading this, rebuked lol ALLLLL the above. haha God is Good and this Blog was HOOOOT!!!

Thank you for Keeping it real Sis Darlyn. Oh and My feelings did get hurt lol!!! But I NOW am in the KNOW!!! I really had to sit and think about that last paragraph. . . . . . It was true on sooo many levels.

God is good, he truly is.

Thank you
(and because they are no longer in "relationship" (or has never been in a relationship) with you does not mean you don't speak to them or be cordial or that you have to have contention....I am talking about having real relationship, exchange, and expectations on your part and the part of the other as a basis for relationship.....) Sis Darlyn I am glad u added this to the discussion.. So full of wisdom.... and God-like truth.
Thanks for sharing ,,,
toxic relationships is the word! i love that. one thing that i am understang is that relationships arent all friendships. relationship by definition is simple connection or association or kinship with a person. everybody that comes into ur life wont be ur friend....but that doesnt mean that they are not called to be in relaitionship with them. you can relate to someone in a season of ur life, but when that season changes, and u are no longer able to relate to them, if u stay u are in error. when i thought as a child, spake as a child, understood as a child (i had childish relationships) but when i became a man, i put away childish things (therefore branching out into adult relationships). the variance of relationships is so large though. the exchange between u and your child's daycare provider is a relaitonship. different relationships have different shades and different depths. and what i really want to dive into is the deeper mind workings of relationships and the different forms of relationships and how WE can become better in them. i want to KNOW which relationship is which and i want to act and invest accordingly. becuz i am sure we all know that there is nothing worse than investing in a relationship that is not reciprocal. and i think u admonish us so profoundly not to tolerate TOXIC relationships. toxicity is not only pertaining to the pain caused by the relationship...but also not keeping up with the plan God has for your life (being back-slidden) becuz of a relationship is also toxic. so, these last two blogs have been good to me becuz i am learning and i have a strong desire to be in the RIGHT relationships, and to learn just how much is each relationship worth investing, so that i wont spend myself before my conevants come along...and i wont have anything to give them!
thankyou sis darlyn for this
I must say WOW and yes I've been cut! Thank you for the upfront realness which is most defiantely needed. Thank you for returning to the msg Apostle Turner has spoken to us many times. You don't seem to remember it when you're in a situation unless you hear it from someone else (Ha! heard something like that before as well). I must say my wisdom level has just increased in this area of my life.

Oh Lord... My feelings got hurt AGAIN!! lol This wisdom is without a doubt TIMELESS...... It was NEEDLESS to say useful back THEN and extremely useful... now.. 


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