Ruth's Corner is A Training Ground for the Young women of God to gain knowledge and to seek guidance from Naomi herself through the Word of God in Scripture.

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How many of you young ladies desire for your life and your accomplishments to make people hardly have any words left to say but, WOW! Ruth's Corner is all about becoming a W.O.W...woman...but it may not be in the way you think....

No it is not your "dangerous curves" that will make you a WOW woman (although those are ok to have...) and it is not your latest designer clothes that we are talking about that really make you that special....but it will be the favor, grace, beauty, integrity, honesty, peace, joy success and widsom that is exemmplified in such a young speciman that will cause all to take note and say WOW! Where did you come from girl?

That is what Ruth's Corner is all about. Training for reigning....learning how to be a real WOW woman...a Woman of the Word, a Woman of Warefare, a Woman of Wealth, a Woman of Worth, a Woman of Worship, and a Woman of Wisdom!

Some of you may not be familiar with who Ruth is. Ruth was a woman in the bible who followed her mother-in-law (Naomi), after both of their husbands died, and Naomi's other son. Ruth knew that this older woman had something she needed so she left her homeland, she left what was comfortable and followed after a woman who she saw had something that she wanted bad enough to pay the price to get it!

Are you such a young lady? Are you willing to hook up with successful, fulfilled, spiritual, but very cool...(lol) "Naomi's" so that you can get an advantage on your peers? You can eliminate so many headaches, heartaches, and mistakes just by listening to the voice of a trusted mentor..

Recently, I was watching Beyonce on Oprah, and she was talking about how hard she worked as a teen ager and how she missed prom, and dating, and parties, and all that craziness that goes along with high school and college...but during that time she was being tutored by her Mother and Father to be successful...but she was talking about how at times she really felt so alone and left out because she could not run with the crowd...

Do you think she should have ran with the crowd? Do you think she would be as successful as she is if she even attempted to compromise? Well what about you...I am here to tell one can be at the top of their game running with the crowd.. Running with the crowd....keeps you with the crowd.....but Ruth's are in a class all by themselves...

So join Ruth's corner...if you want to begin to learn about life, love, happiness, choices and many other things that concern you all based on the word of God...

Take some time now to read the entire book of Ruth....and then make up your mind that you are going to do whatever it takes to fulfill the destiny that God put in you!

I will be looking for you in Ruth's Corner...the place where W.O.W women begin.......

Elect Lady Darlyn C. Turner

P.S........The next step is to begin to take the Lessons that appear under the discussion forum...please be sure to give a response or ask a question if needed...Also..please submit any subject matter you would like addressed and we will be happy to address it.

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