The first batch of digital photo frames


The first batch of digital photo frames

I harbored feelings helpless, wear red digital photo frames and followed the first batch of Shanghai countryside youth team, settled in Jiangxi Xiajiang Area.
But when the farmers are not childhood fantasy, only to the "engineers of human souls" hope in support of me, only every day read "little red book" of belief in encouraged me. I surnamed Meng and the girls in the separator stopped from the small room in, the two although not a school, because of the same age and roommate, familiar with quietly became more and more talk the.
She is the only child at home, good economic conditions, often eat sweets and cakes will be distributed to the villagers of the child. She dandles used, fragile appearance, unbearable pain of farming, village primary school only the number of teachers, of course, turn her. Her job was easy and I looked tired. During busy season, the rainy, tanned me, had to face the Loess back into the air, accept education again. Her little sun, the skin white, lively conversation, full of rhythm, it can attract people. By comparison, I am bad.. Male youth say I am "little duckling," she is "the swan" luo! However, there are also the people hate to see her, the man is every political movement of "positive elements", he said to me, Meng bourgeois ideas seriously, you have to heighten their vigilance, and her wrong words and deeds recorded. I listened to his words to the doings of ghosts and gods, may be out of my jealousy, had secretly done so.
She would often home to send the activities, active to me, I think she was indolent habits influence; have good, she affectionately to me to try, I think this is the invasion of sugar coated bullets; whenever she in the chat, criticism of the poor peasants and laugh at the youth's, I quietly recorded. On one occasion, she early school, excitedly burst into the room, see I fell on the edge of the digital photo frame, came and pats on the back and bow to get a closer look at my office. "Little, the love letter?" "Not!" I quickly cover the small notebook with my hand.. Show her book the scarlet letter, look at my fear appearance, winked mischievously, busy things. Since then, I can not remember again, but the little book has recorded nearly 10 pages of paper.
In the early 1970s, set off "root, with a lifetime" propaganda, from top to bottom, from the area to the commune and brigade, are held Youth Conference, to sabotage rustication words and deeds are critical, "activist" want me to stand to speak. I will not nominated, but for example sufficient evidence, rich in content, obtained from, I get dizzy with success, after encouraged by the meeting of chairpersons of the blood, impulse to hand in a small book. I decided to play on the spot and removed the leadership of her faculty.
I want to have a class, very excited, as if represent the advanced class occupied the stage, however, when standing in front of the digital frames , I feel insecure, has been cracking the big blackboard as if in the mouth bite my hand, chalk words how to also be written is not correct.
This day, she is ill. She will accept the critical help from the general assembly because of her refusal to check.. In the evening she went away. She asked in a wheelbarrow pushed out of the village. More than 10 students, automatically together in the village under the big camphor tree, tearful, watched the teacher. The cover up the earth, only the sound of miles miles squeak squeak wheelbarrow for a long time in the village.

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