On March 20, whether sports "football 100" program, former guoan player and south LuJiang and football commentator yu-ming zhu as Authentic Adrian Clayborn Womens Jersey a guest, for the past week CSL BIG3 has carried on the review, performance in the champions league is also looking forward to the upcoming 12 strong "war" of China and South Korea.Program also telephone calls to follow the team's interview as deputy editor-in-chief Ma Dexing Titan sports, predict "war" of China and South Korea, Ma Dexing thought the match won't lose. In the second round of the champions league group match, Evergrande 1-1 draw by rivals, south the truth: "Evergrande a pity, should be able to win. He can win the game if his home will be in the group accounts for a very good position."Evergrande yu-ming zhu think the biggest problem is that "stereotypical", ", how many minutes substitution, who change the starting simply don't have to guess, and competition strategy is to rob the opening, in front of the opening onslaught, recycling playing counter-attack, after scoring Evergrande games this season has scored in the first half, only one goal in the second half, his back is not so high in the past, the past not to be taunted Evergrande is the second half, now competition ability is greatly decreased, the lack of new idea lack of change, hard power Evergrande essentially is in decline."LuJiang thinks Evergrande strength is still there, but the technique has been research, "Evergrande ability or some, but has been research more thoroughly. Over the years has been dominating the result is very good, after leading by rival pressure, the situation become passive, or a little bit conservative mentality." Su ning, and it comes to winning port, yu-ming zhu said: "su ning is very low-key, can attack errors, in front of the opportunity to play a JiaoMen, drew back then, Su Ningsheng put in profile is very low, even have the attitude of the mourning, because he is a lot of pressure in the domestic league, defensive data is very beautiful."South think: "port on the defensive line there is a big problem, at least he's attack ability is strong, can throw a dozen you, his play a very important and key role in the foreign aid, by often win."Yu-ming zhu "he top-heavy is the biggest problem, foreign aid is the entire class, he bo is very smart, now take high defense, Oscar in midfield interception efforts is also very big." Then subject to chat to the upcoming 12 strong group "china-south Korea war", show the phone connection vice editor-in-chief Ma Dexing Titan sports, Ma Dexing said: "the players feel more relaxed and not quite the same as before, lippi's trivial things not tube, summarized said is small ones, lippi has been to find a way to let the mood to relax, a bit like before ten strong match of the 2001 attacks, play last year in South Korea two different direction, feel tight and down and play South Korea last year as possible for the players to relax now."Finally Ma Dexing think "feel the ball don't like to lose". To host the truth to the team's optimism is because see the South Korea list: "the south Korean team list cloth Min cumulative suspension, and the defence was CSL frustrate players, the players constitute the cornerstone of South Korea's defence."Yu-ming zhu said: "the South Korea defense of high quality, indeed defensive core status of our Chinese super make more bad, but not too much impact on the south Korean national Chris Conner Youth Jersey team strength."But yu-ming zhu also said: "the south Korean front there are a lot of Europe player, but I still keep better than attack, on the road is flat, and in the face of marcello lippi's side, let's be careful some ShiDiLi g, I think the team's will not lose. ShiDiLi grams is conservative, in addition to play in Spain, more time is to make sure not to throw the ball, and their defensive player was studied with poor state. Lippi this national teams mobile warfare score ability is not the strongest, but he lost the ball and be very tough."

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