I am calling you to come deeper and deeper into My Presence.
Hear the call, for I am calling you.
You are understanding the Spirit of travail that is burdening you
and you are being called into My Presence on behalf of others.
You are laboring and struggling for you are about to give birth
to My deep work in your life.

You are about to give birth and I do not want you to stop pushing
but press into what I have for you.
Press in and bear down against all that is coming against you.
You are going to have to push against all the obstacles that have
been set before you and give them a kick to get them out of the

Press child, press and do not give up.
I see your tears and I hear the cry of your heart.
I hear your cry and I see your anguish and pain.
Press in My child press into all that I have for you.

Do not all the enemy to stop this process for what I am birthing
in you will be used to help others.
You will be used to set others free and open their prison doors.
You need to continue on with all the fight that is left in you and
come through to a new level in Me.

In persisting you will give birth to the Spirit of intercession that
has been travailing in you and is deepening for deep calls to deep
and I am calling you to a deep deep walk with Me.

You will not be satisfied with anything else but being totally sold
out to Me in all that you are or ever will be.

I have called you forth as one that will stand and speak My Words
and there is a sharp word that will come forth from your mouth and
yet at the same time it will have the sweetness of honey so that
it will be received.

I am taking you and I am bring forth Christ in you.
I am being birthed in you and the full depth of My ministry
I would bring forth in you.

I would move in you to see others touched in all areas of their
life. I would take you as one that will stand and speak the
Word of God.
I would have you speak the power of the decree and declare a
thing and see it come to pass and I would have you give birth to
much before your time on this earth ends.

I would have you to leave a lasting work for others to continue in.
Travail My child and give birth in the Spirit.
The labor is never easy but you have gone too far in your struggle
and much push forward and go the rest of the way.
Press into Me and cry and weep for I am birthing My heart in you
for the Nations and I am birthing My heart in you for the souls
of men.

Cry My precious one cry and continue to cry out until Christ is
fully formed in you.
I am bringing you to maturity as one that will stand for Me and it
is not easy as I am removing all that is not of Me.

The burden will become lighter as you let go and release all to Me.
Release your family.
Release your relationships.
Surrender all.

Death to self is the process.
Dying is not an easy thing and I must do it in you.
Die to all but Me so that I may move fully through you.

As you move to a deeper level you will have no desire to swim
in the shallow waters again and as you swim in the deep you
will tread water and desire to go deeper and deeper.
Swim and do not look back for I am there to hold you and
carry you and you will not drown.

You will swim with grace and stand in the power of My Spirit and
I will carry you into the heavenly places where few have gone.
This is where I desire that you dwell.

Come. Come. Come.

by Patricia Hamel

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