China will be in changsha home game against the south Korean national team, this is the Asian World Cup qualifiers A.J. Klein Authentic Jersey hopes the probability is small, but the victory against South Korea, at least can let a person see some results of the reform of Chinese football. South Korea's coach ShiDiLi grams in incheon before departure was interviewed by the south Korean sports network, emphasize takes a triumphalism to changsha. South Korea's sports network said -- ShiDiLi grams on the evening of 19 from incheon to China, they will be in 23, changsha and China for the Asian cup final primary game 6, back to home, after 28 against Syria. And the expedition carrying all kinds of package in China.Recently, the south Korean government from thad equipped with problems of China's economic retaliation reached its climax, obviously the World Cup final qualifier will be affected by sade. In China face can be expected, Sun Hong Min because cumulative suspension, and is also one of ShiDiLi g coach's troubles.He reporter said in an interview before going abroad, "will leave for China with confidence, there is no reason to fear, we carefully prepared, not taken lightly, you will get good results." Q: after seeing his players, and what is your mood? ShiDiLi said: "I am very happy, after this weekend's game called players, no one was hurt in this point I am very happy. We will be punished with confidence to go to China, see Authentic Cardinals Womens Jersey the opponent's record and ranking, we have no reason to lose confidence. Goal is 3 points, certainly can't look down on opponents, we must carefully prepare the game." Reporter: travelling away mentality is very important, do you have any special request for the players? ShiDiLi g said: "before the road lesson to learn, and Iran's war games, we should not interference by the environment, no matter who the opponent is, there may be a period of time is clamped down for us, but must be prepared to not afraid of this." Reporter: zi zhe, ji dong-won and send sincere agent players played in Europe... ShiDiLi g: "yes, I got the news and they played a game this week, they will be able to compete, this is a very sweet for us, especially send sincere agent haven't play for 4 to 5 weeks, he was able to get the main status is a good time. This allows us to send sincere agent in Swansea send a confirmed again the importance of this is a must for him." Reporter: the Chinese player could have prepared some (wild) play? ShiDiLi g: "the referee's work is very important, the action of the game is a red line, which is the core. Of course, we must respect the referee's decision." Above is South Korea coach before coming to China the last time to reporters, obviously, the Chinese national team so far, not the respect of the opponent, because your record and ranking.To let people respect you, I need to be kicked out on to the pitch, not only with the mouth say it.

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